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The Fucking Snyder Cut

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Joined: Oct 19 2009
Location: Nashville, TN
PostPosted: Dec 08 2020 11:23 am Reply with quote Back to top

I cannot fucking believe this bullshit is actually happening.
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Title: :O � O:
Joined: Feb 01 2008
Location: St. Louis, MO
PostPosted: Dec 09 2020 09:53 pm Reply with quote Back to top

God, that looks ugly.

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Title: Deku Scrub
Joined: Dec 08 2007
Location: Indiana
PostPosted: Dec 09 2020 10:46 pm Reply with quote Back to top

I can't wait to see how they put Joker in this.
I love the song choice too.

i'll_bite_your_ear wrote:
DarknessDeku is already assimilated by the bots.
He knows your algorithm.

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Title: Distillatoria
Joined: Jun 09 2010
Location: van down by the river
PostPosted: Dec 10 2020 06:11 am Reply with quote Back to top

Just like with Justice League i was happy when this trailer was over.

I also disagree strongly, i disliked the song choice.
Not because it's a bad song, the opposite is true for me actually, but because it's not even remotely fitting to the footage you see and just got put into the trailer to make it stand out and give it a bit of Snyders handwriting.
Didn't work out though.

The thumbnail of the trailer looks downright hilarous.
Like the ugliest PS2-JRPG-Boss i could think of.

Idk, i really didn't like Justice League, it's one of the rare movies were i would even go so far and say it's objectively a bad movie.

I don't want more of Justice League and i will surely not watch the "Snyder Cut".

Just stop the sheninagans and make a good DC movie already.
Like a "Lobo" movie or something.

Edit: I googled "Lobo movie" after writing this and supposedly Michael Bay is making one right now.
So...i take that whole thing of saying "give us a Lobo movie" back.
Actually, please don't make a Lobo movie.

it was the best of times
it was the blurst of times
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Grampa Fuddy
Title: Silly Hats Only
Joined: Jul 17 2019
Location: Westmont, IL
PostPosted: Jan 11 2021 11:30 pm Reply with quote Back to top

More like the Snyder Cult!


"I don't like zoos. Awful." --Christopher Walken
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