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WoW Classic wasn't my MMO

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Title: Mr
Joined: May 16 2019
PostPosted: May 16 2019 05:17 am Reply with quote Back to top

And once you had been doing this 10-12 hours a day for wow classic gold weeks on end the thought of that time you'd already slipped into it made it very tough to stop. Combine this with the fact that missing a single day could put you back a complete week of progress and you have some pretty bad mojo going on.It could be contended that the Vanilla PvP honor ranking system exemplified lots of the negative perceptions about the MMO scene along with video game addiction generally at the time. IMO it would be an error to reinstate it.

I started playing WoW Classic just like a couple months. I wouldn't call my old college or a vanilla player but damn much when I started playing WoW Classic has been alot more entertaining than it is now. I didn't really care about this WoW Classic release till yesterday. I am hyped to play this. We see more team work in the world and participant connections. Folks rarely group around do anything and seldom speak to one another. Ive gone multiple days where il try to begin convos with players and its like trying to start a conversation using a NPC.

I wonder if they'll execute this similar to how Jagex does OSRS. Allow the players vote and once all phases of articles have been introduced and cleared, vote new WoW Classic exclusive content to be inserted. There are a few big ones that I think should be changed, like warrior taunts being able to miss and certain classes just being plain unplayable. Minor changes could fix a number of those issues, and the player base will stop seeing these things through nostalgia goggles and only become annoyed and want them to be fixed. Give everyone a couple of months of nostalgia that is pure resolve a number of these dumb things.

Time gating classic the way they time gate retail. Wonderful ploy subbed for an whole year at the same time you trickle articles and raids. Either way eventually you are going to be left with just guilds running alt runs of Naxx and all content wont matter. Trying to force WoW Classic to feel like vanilla is a dumb idea. It'll never be the same and I am sure people will be amazed as hell waiting for new content to start just like now in BFA.I love MMO's but WoW Classic wasn't my MMO when I was younger. I did play with with it ocasionally on and away on servers that are personal to try it out but never was my thing. I hear that the expansion is still cancer although I wanted to purchase it now. What is so good cheap classic wow gold which everyone enjoys? Might wait for that instead.

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