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Reviews of Best Free Online Games To Play Now on Manti Games

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Joined: Oct 10 2018
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There are thousands upon thousands of free games available to play free for anyone throughout the whole internet. It is incredibly easy to go onto an online games website and play whatever game you want. However, not every game is that great. It goes without saying that some are incredible, but some aren’t as good. Luckily, in these reviews, we aren’t focussing on the latter. These reviews will focus on some of the best online free games you can play right now.

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Different Categories of Free Online Games, and Two of Our Favorites

There are thousands and thousands of free online games at Manti Games. We have Solitaire games, Arcade games, Action and Adventure games and so much more. Your opportunities of discovery are endless. Some of our all-time favorite games have been released in the last couple of years, and it clearly shows that the browser game industry is growing rapidly. You can enjoy all of these games free-to-play with no download immediately., and many other fantastic .io games

We love these games to pieces. They’re great fun and you can enjoy them all in your browser. There’s absolutely no cost and no need to download massive files. You can play at work, school or on the bus through your mobile browser. Krunker is a fantastic, fast-paced twitchy shooter. Pacman modernizes the old classic game and brings it roaring into the 21st century of online games, and there are so many other games that we just love.

Art Games

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We recently discovered a love for old-school art games, the sort we used to play a long time ago. Sticking and cutting is a lot easier when you don’t have to clean up after yourself or a crazy kid who has tried to swallow the Pritt Stick for the third time. Instead, you can just relax with these games and express yourself creatively. Discover your inner artists and unwind with some fantastic games. No download needed, and definitely no mess! Plus you don’t have to fork out for expensive art supplies - pretty neat, huh?

Javelin Fighting

This exhilarating and exciting aiming game is the highest rated game on a major free game website, having been played more than 600 thousand times, with an average rating of 9.6/10. Impressive stuff, but does it live up to this massively high score? We reviewed it.

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In Javelin Fighting, play against the computer in a 1-on-1 battle to the death. Stood upon pillars of differing and random heights, you must take down your opponent with the throw of a javelin before they get to you. Being attacked in different body parts will affect how much damage is done. A javelin to the head and it’s game over, but you’ll be able to soldier on with a few hits to the hands or feet. Once you defeat an opponent, a new one spawns on a different sized pillar, so you must adjust your power and trajectory accordingly to take them down. The aim of this game is to last as long as you can, taking down as many opponents as possible before you get killed.

Overall, it makes sense why this is one of the best free online games. Its simplicity, paired with exciting and tense gameplay and quality but modest graphics, makes for a fantastic free online game.

What makes it stand-out is the gameplay. It is incredibly fast-paced, with a new opponent spawning mere seconds later. There are many trajectory-power based games, but none come close to the intensity and entertainment of Javelin Fighting. The graphics are great too; the simple and ever-loved stickman is here as one of the best versions, with some modest and enjoyable images. This game is also incredibly smooth, it works well without any glitches or bumps.

While playing you’re able to pick up some lives to repair any damage inflicted by your opponents. Simply aim and fire at these hearts to repair yourself. To have this feature really helps throughout the game, although there should be more to be able to prevent yourself from inflicting damage. When your opponent is aiming towards you and the javelin is en route to hitting you, there is no possible way of you defending yourself. This is probably the worst feature about the game. There is no skill in this, leading you to possibly die through luck, or lack of. With a game like this, where you need to alter power and trajectory through maths and skills, you can simply die through no fault of your own, which lets the whole game down, frankly. If there was a block command, or an ability to move your stickman to prevent attacks or defend yourself, then it would lift the game to a whole new level. Without this feature, it stops the online game from being the best it can possibly be.

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Overall, Javelin Fighter is an incredible free online game. It’s simple, straightforward to play, but challenging when you start to play. Some minor adjustments are needed for it to really thrive and be the best game ever, but for right now, it’s doing pretty well.

8 Ball Pool

As a relatively well-known game, it’s not surprising that it’s the best game for one of the largest games websites. 8 Ball Pool integrates all that is popular right now: free online multiplayer modes, multi-platform gameplay, and challenging campaigns. What more could a pool-lover want in a game?

What really sets 8 Ball Pool out against the rest of its peers is the sheer depth and scope it covers. Instead of being able to just play against the computer, there are multiple different modes available for players to indulge in. Play against your friends or people from across the world, practice games against yourself, or take on the AI in your computer or phone. Collect money, too, so you can upgrade and buy new cues and take on new opponents. As you progress through the game, you’re able to unlock certain rooms, meaning the games become harder and the stake is higher. The best thing about this game is its customizability. Have the game however you like it.

The graphics in this free online game are incredible. They look so effective and are professional and slick. The way the game moves, too, works very well. It has smooth transitions that have no bad aspects. It works very well considering the number of people who will be playing at the same time. There is a considerable number of players at any one time, and the lack of glitches or buffering makes for pleasant playing.

Considering all of the pros of this free game, there aren’t that many cons. There are two major downsides of this game. Firstly, you need to sign up to play the game and reap the benefits that it offers. But you don’t need to download! Otherwise, you have to sign in as a guest and you will only receive limited benefits. The second con is you have to play with fake money. Once you run out of this money - if you spent it all playing the game - then you can only play on the free play practice mode. Understandably, this makes for players to be rewarded when they do well in the game, but if you’re just starting out and you mess up, there is no way to sort it.

In conclusion, 8 Ball Pool is a very strong game, with some of the best and broadest modes in any online free game. You can even play with your friends! With some of the strongest and most appealing gameplay available and only a few cons that can be overlooked, this game checks out for one of the best that is out there.

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They were just a few of our favorite games right now. We love everything about free online browser games, from the lack of a download to the freedom you get from developers who are allowed to create without boundaries...incredible stuff. Check out these games to enter a new crazy world![/b]
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Jack Slater
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Wow this place is still active?

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Cause that's how I roll bounce.
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