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Super Mario Odyssey [NSW]

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Joined: Aug 28 2011
PostPosted: Nov 04 2017 06:58 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Mario in 2017. Do you like it? Have you beaten it? What did you like and didn't like?

Mario controls - When moving the analog stick: 64 is sturdiest. Sunshine is tightest. Odyssey is the loosest (i.e. less-coordinated).

New ability #1: Cap throw - makes you float for a brief second, which is a neat replacement to the air spin of Galaxy. You can bounce off the hat with a jump or dive. Oddly enough the game doesn't tell you about how to do the dive (trigger button + face button) unless you check the action guide yourself. This ability changes the nature of 3D Mario because it allows for a second input to suspend Mario in the air. This is not a plus in my opinion because it turns the game into a double jumper, which makes your first jump less impactful, and, secondly, creates a combinatory mental calculus of a max distance possible that is less readily clear.

New ability #2: Rolling - quickly covers long distances and requires mashing of the Y button to sustain. It's real smooth when connected to the end of a long jump, but irritating for long stretches of non-downward sloped land.

New ability #3: Enemy possession via cap throw - Mario was the character to be. Never did I look at enemies and think about how fun it would be to possess them. These enemies offer less control inputs only having two moves to input. In a sense they feel like a pre-mature Mario. Transformations are geared towards amusement than impressive acrobatic movement.

With Sunshine the developers had trouble coming up with level design when they had to design the levels around the hover nozzle vs no nozzle /other nozzles. All Odyssey's transformations lend themselves to rather simplistic uses. Since they are so simple and quickly over with to discard, they feel inoffensive. So eh.

Mario's world design - the game keeps you on the constant move to the next moon location rather than completing an event (i.e. a sequence). It feels more self-congratulatory with how easy moons come about than adventurous. Banjo Kazooie model of collecting by doing the most thoughtless banal tasks moving from area to area instead of well crafted episodes / action sequences. It's like having a beachcomber register something every 3 seconds at a beach.

Stars are now moons. With the new addition of having a mega three-moons-in-one version, the Multi-moon, which looks like a banana bunch.

Scattered thoughts:
Ah. The first level as a linear tutorial walk-a-thon. heh.

T-Rex is simply MegaMushroom Mario. Pure physicality with nothing creative. -- at least as it is first introduced.

Dialogue boxes are very dull looking. Sunshine had the best dialogue box design in gaming. Citizens don't get angry when I interact with them by bopping on their heads like in Sunshine. -_-. Game is pretty pleasing to look at in the athletic courses (void levels).

First day impressions: 2/5. Second day: 3/5

Night time level was very impressive. I like New Donk City a lot more than the other worlds.

Game has a lot of items to collect, but the moons mostly feel rewarding slower, more inquisitive play than platforming prowess.


Capture mechanic dumbs down the defining element of 3D Mario: character control
Dialogue boxes are soulless and having them pop up is distracting.
A lot of the newer enemies are ugly
Music is mediocre for the most part
Mario is too jovial: he strikes tada! poses and has his mouth opened wide on the pause screen. Mario is way too ecstatic when collecting a multi-moon that it gets irritating. i don't need this twirling around shit in my mario game.

Lots of boring water to swim through. Note: Swimming in 3D Mario was properly deemphasized in Sunshine.
Cappy telling you about moves in cutscenes throughout the whole game is off-putting.
Lack of platforms in boss battles. Boss battles repeated twice.

Got first credits roll.

in-game moons list looks like a pdf document
mushroom kingdom has Mario being given moons by toaddette in production line fashion.
new donk city is too good compared to everywhere else. nintendo might as well have nixed the exploration and gone with a linear action adventure.
bowser stage has bird transformation to do flick jumps, a novelty that feels misplaced.
playing fetch with dog using the cap throw is cool
purple coins are still ugly
world is beautiful or fake plastic garish
blue coins > every collectable in this game

Take the blue bird versus the generic black bird in Odyssey with the shiny aura. The blue bird was fun to hunt after and squirt to create a blue coin. The black bird is just too obvious. And throwing a cap at it is less impressive than applying a consistently hitting stream of water.

Blue coins have such a nice sound when you get one. The collectables in this game don't have that.

Issue: cappy acts as a double jump, and that downgrades the stellar foundation 64 set because it makes the game to much about aerial bouncing than platform leaping.
64: jump -> Sunshine: jump + hover/rocket - Galaxy: jump + air spin -> Odyssey: jump + float via hat throw + dive and bounce + float via hat throw + dive

Not to mention you can do crappier air spins to aerial stall in Odyssey.

Odyssey isn't a game for the most part. It's basically a trick-or-treat simulator with moon being the candies you get for your "adventures" going door-to-door. so the design is horizontal based compared to 64 and Sunshine's vertical basedness.
the game shits out moons to you every couple square feet for basically having the ability to move the control stick. what do you think moronic banana bunch multimoons are if not some dumb fun-sized candy.


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