Jurassic Park
#57: Jurassic Park

Released In: 1993
Developer: Ocean
Publisher: Ocean

      It was supposed to be completely safe. But Jurassic Park, Dr. Hammond's exotic island zoo of cloned dinosaurs has turned into a living nightmare. Someone shut off the electric fences and now the dinosaurs are loose. As Dr. Alan Grant, you must complete two missions. First, you must rescue Hammond's grandchildren, Tim and Lex. Then, you must get the power back online so that everyone can escape.

Syd Lexia: Like Aladdin before it, here's a case of a Nintendo game and a Sega game that were completely different despite having the same name. The Genesis game was a platformer that you play as either Dr. Grant or a velociraptor, with different levels and storylines for each character. Because it let you play as a velociraptor, the Genesis version was way more popular than the Nintendo one. Also, it was a better game. But Ocean's take on Jurassic Park is still pretty fun, if not uneven. Half of the game is a really cool top-down adventure, the other half is a first person shooter. The first person shooter part of the game is well, kinda meh. It plays fine, but it looks ugly as fucking hell. The 16-bit consoles simply weren't designed to run FPS games, and I really wish no one had tried.

greeneyedzeke: So the Genesis Jurassic Park is the one that got all of the press but, dammit, Ocean’s cuter, cuddlier take on the franchise was good in its own special way. It had one, um, unfortunate flaw, though – there was no way to save your game. Oh, and the first person sections looked terrible.

Valdronius: Maybe my expectations are too high, but if a game frustrates me more than it entertains me in the first 10 minutes of play, I'm not likely to play much longer. Velociraptors jumping out of trees and mauling me to death is not my idea of fun, not to mention the shitty range on the taser. And don't even get me started on that damn ridiculous first-person crap in the utility shed. This game is terrible. How did it make it to #57?

Douche McCallister: This is one of the few games I would rather play the Genesis version of. Grant's a midget and his hat is bigger then his body.

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