EVO: Search For Eden
#49: EVO: Search For Eden

Released In: 1993
Developer: Almanic
Publisher: Enix

      Gaia, the daughter of the sun god Sol, is in need of a husband. In order to solve this problem, she offers an open challenge to all lifeforms on Earth: whoever can evolve into the greatest lifeform will be allowed entry to the Garden of Eden and will win her hand in marriage. And so, the competition begins. But then something goes wrong. Mysterious crystals appear and start corrupting lifeforms, forcing evolution and turning them into horrible, violent monsters. You must defeat these monsters, not only to the earn the evolution points necessary to reach higher forms and win Gaia's love, but also to stop the destructive influence of the crystals and restore balance to your world.

Syd Lexia: EVO proves once and for all that creationist theory and evolution can peacefully coexist, something that those bucktoothed morons in Kansas can't quite seem to grasp. Despite being very weird, this game plays like a traditional action-oriented RPG: you go around killing enemies to earn evolution points, which you spend like gold to upgrade your character, and there's a boss battle every so often. The gameplay is somewhat repetitive, but the overall concept is incredibly unique and creative.

Valdronius: The fundamentals of EVO are hardly new; you defeat enemies and gain currency to upgrade your attack and defense. What sets this game apart is the concept: You start as a fish at the beginning of Earth's life, and have to progress through different eras. You won't make it to the end as a wimpy little fish though; you're going to have to collect evolution points and make yourself stronger, faster, and tougher if you want to survive. Nice graphics and smooth controls didn't hurt this game either. I don't really understand how a dinosaur can evolve into a bird, or a mammal, but that's OK. What's not OK is that my horn keeps fucking breaking off.

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