Super R-Type
#37: Super R-Type

Released In: 1991
Developer: Irem
Publisher: Irem

      Fight the evil Bydo empire in Super R-Type, a SNES-exclusive space shooter that's little more than a strange amalgamation of redesigned levels from R-Type and R-Type II. with a heavier emphasis on R-Type II. Oh yeah, and there's no checkpoints; you have to beat each level in its entirety on one life. This game was available shortly after the Super Nintendo launched.

Syd Lexia: Why the hell is this game ranked higher than R-Type III? Super R-Type was an okay game, but R-Type III blew it out of the water. Whereas Super R-Type suffered from slowdown problems, R-Type III ran perfectly. R-Type III was also more colorful and more interesting. And more difficult. Oh, maybe that's why. I guess most people prefer playing insanely difficult space shooters to playing ridiculously insanely difficult space shooters.

Valdronius: I'm not sure why this game is ranked so much higher than the other space shooters, but it is a kick ass game. I won't go into a lot of detail about the weapons and whatnot, but I will say that when the game forced me to take the ricochet lasers right before the last boss at the cost of the exploding missile, I was pissed. Also, at the last boss, I thought that the friendly ships were enemies until I realized that they looked like me, except orange. Boy was I embarrassed...

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