Kurtis Stryker's Rocking Homepage!!!!!!!!


sup bitches? My name is Kurtis Stryker and I am a riot cop. I work in an Earth city keeping the peace. I am currently looking for some fine ass bitches to hang with. If you are a fine ass bitch and you reject me, I will tazer you!!!! LOLOLOLOL! Ohhhhhhh snap!!!


Here is a pic of me. I am so hot.

That is me at the beach! I love the beach and also having fun there. Look at that guy in the sand, OMG! he is crazy!!!!


My favorite movie is BAPS because Halle Berry is so hot. I want to marry her and make her bear my children. My favorite singer is Peter Cetera. He is the best musician ever.


Here are my favorite links, I hope you like them:

http://www.budweiser.com - Beer rules!!!

http://www.playboy.com - Titties! LOLOLOLOL!!!!

http://maddox.xmission.com - Maddox is cool cuz he swears!!!!


Peace out!!! I hope you come back to site a lot.

Don't check out my host's page cuz hes a fuckin sissy douche.

NEW! Hey ladies, please e-mail me at the_strykemeister@yahoo.com