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      I am still behind on the site and for that I apologize; I’ll do my best to catch up by the end of the week. While I was going through some stuff over the weekend, I found this drawing that I did at some indeterminate point in time. If I recall, this is the story of its origin:

      One night, I was flipping channels with some friends and we caught the end of The O’Reilly Factor, the part where he reads some viewer mail and does the most ridiculous item of the day. At some point during this either the NRA, NAMBLA, or both organizations were mentioned which led to a discussion. I forget what the context was, but someone compared the NRA to NAMBLA and the point was made that the NRA isn’t predicated on an illegal activity. The NRA doesn’t promote murder or even gun usage, they simply believe that the second amendment should be interpreted in a way that allows Americans to own guns if they so desire. I immediately seized on this point and created MAGUVA: the Man-Gun Violence Association, an organization who would actively promote gun violence through literature, discussion, and fictional renderings, but never through overt example. It was essentially a gun version of NAMBLA. At that point, it was quickly decided that I’m going to Hell.

      Well, that’s the story. It’s not the most tasteless idea I’ve ever had, but it’s pretty close.


  • Posted by Tebor on June 9th, 2005 at 5:33 am  

    I support the use of firearms in action movies especially if one ARNOLD is in them.

    Guns are sweet, but it sucks when they kill people. Because of this, why isn’t the wide use of movie prop guns more popular? Sure, they occasionally kill Brandon Lee, but usually they’re harmless blanks. Plus, anyone can get them customized, no matter how ridiculous! Like Nick Cage’s twin gold 9mills in Face/Off… WTF!?

    And I know at least three working guns every American wants: the future gun of Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man, The Terminator’s plasma gun (imagine how bad@$$ that would be walking through your neighborhood with), and Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver.

  • Posted by Syd Lexia on June 11th, 2005 at 4:42 pm  

    While not a gun, Rambo’s exploding arrowheads from Rambo II were quite awesome as well, and let’s not forget that gun the Joker used to shoot down the Batwing in classic Tim Burton film.

  • Posted by Valdronius on June 12th, 2005 at 11:20 pm  

    Why haven’t they made a game that features a potato gun? Those things kick ass. All the deadliness of a bazooka, all the nutrition of a face full of potato. Kickback’s a bitch though.

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