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From the mourning of Terry to the morning of terror.

      From director Michael Bay and the producers of Over The Top comes Schindler’s List II: Out For Justice!!! Bob Schindler is a simple man who loves his family. When his son-in-law and a gang of evil federal judges kill his daughter, Bob doesn’t get mad, he gets EVEN! Watch out, Michael Schiavo, this is one list that no one’s checking twice! Schindler’s List II - because EVERYONE has the right to die. This film is not yet rated.

      MEDIA - Click here to hear the trailer read by a 5th grader.

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  • Posted by Tebor on April 6th, 2005 at 10:49 pm  

    Too many pop culture references…

    Segal!? Stallone!? Michael Bay, my HERO!!! OVERLOAD!!!!


    *head has exploded*

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