Terry Schiavo: The Quest For Cheap Site Hits

Filed under: Stuff — Syd Lexia @ 9:44 am

So… Terry Schiavo, Terry Schiavo, who’s got the Terry Schiavo? Every time I turn on the TV, someone is talking about the whole Schiavo thing. I haven’t addressed this issue because:

a) there’s no easy solution nor is there a moral high ground
b) it has nothing to with pop culture from the 80s or early 90s

However since I could use some hits, I’m gonna be an asshole and reference it. If I were a true asshole, I would have done this earlier in the week or last week. But I’m not. So what do I have to say about this issue? Absolutely nothing. But guess who does? The Ultimate Warrior. As a self-proclaimed pop culture analyst, I feel that no one is more qualified to address this complex and somewhat troubling issue than a roided-out 80s wrestler with a reputation for being hard to work with and mentally unstable. does not endorse or condemn the views expressed by The Ultimate Warrior.

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