Fun With Search Engines VI: The Undiscovered Country

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      Now it’s time for the sixth installment of Fun With Searches, this time it’s for the week starting 02/06 and ending 02/12. Here goes nothing…

From 2/08:

1. nancy everhard images - The irony here is that the only time Nancy Everhard was ever mentioned on my site was in another edition of FWSE, where I mentioned she starred in a movie called The Deathstone that shouldn’t be confused with the MASK episode of the same name. That one obscure reference brought me a hit. Score.

2. november rain meaning - Why does everyone want to know what November Rain means? Can’t you just enjoy the beautiful cinematography and amazing music? Apparently not.

From 2/09:

1. m.a.s.k. kenner helmet variations - Sorry, but that information requires far more research than I am willing to put into this site. I know that Kenner altered Matt Trakker’s Spectrum mask at one point because it wouldn’t stay on the damn toy, but I have no idea which other helmets (if any) were modified over the years for the toyline. I am not a hardcore toy collector, so that type of thing doesn’t particularly interest me.

2. ibuki geki - Some people have nothing better to do than search for obscure Street Fighter characters. Meanwhile, I have nothing better to do than write about obscure Street Fighter characters. It’s a perfect match. Welcome to my site.

3. budnick salute - Someone tried to use my Budnick pic in an offsite forum and that didn’t work out so well for that person. Then she rehosted it on photobucket and everyone lived happy every after.

From 2/10:

1. street fighter geki screenshots - What the fuck, was it International Geki Appreciation Week or something? I wouldn’t have expected two Geki-related hits in the same year, much less with a day of each other. I ain’t complaining though, any hit is a good hit. Well, except the next one…

2. fucking preteens - If you use the word fuck as often as I do, sick fucks will find your site by accident. People who search for fucking the kidnapped president, fucking ninja dogs, or just about any other bizarre taboo with the word “fuck” in it might stumble across my site. The person who did this particular search had as their IP. Burn in hell, you fuckwit. The really depressing thing is that according to Alexa’s traffic statistics, NAMBLA’s website is over ten times more popular than mine. Apparently pop culture isn’t as marketable as sex with boys. I guess I’ll have to review Michael Jackson’s Sega game soon if want my site to be viable.

3. mobile armored strike kommand downloads - MASK brought in a lot of hits this week. When I finally get around to doing a You Can’t Do That On Television feature, it should generate even more traffic. MASK is cool and all, but YCDTOTV kicks ass.

From 2/11:

1. michael bower donkey lips - I’ve made it pretty clear already that SYS is a popular draw for the site. This particular search is only of note because I have always spelled Donkeylips in its correct compound form but this misspelled query still brought up my site as a result. I guess search engines are smarter than I thought.

From 2/12:

1. rip off madballs Was there a rip-off of Madballs? I’m intrigued now. My comment about Madballs rip-offs was made in reference to a Smash TV boss, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there had been imitation Madballs. Those things were the shit.

That’s enough for this week. Rock on. The next article will go up Thursday night or Friday afternoon… and it just might be Schwarzenegger-related.

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