I-NaD: International amirite Day!

Filed under: Stuff — Syd Lexia @ 4:52 pm

      I, Syd Lexia, do hereby decree that from this year forward, June 13 shall be recognized as International amirite Day in Austria, New Zealand, and all NATO nations. International amirite Day is a celebration of the popular internet expression amirite and International amirite Day revelers are encouraged to use the phrase as many times as possible on this day, especially after those around them start to become annoyed or enraged by the repeated usage of it. The I-NaD faithful are encouraged to punctuate their amirites with graphics of Dr. Wright, a popular video game character from the SNES version of SimCity; an example can be seen below.

      So remember, International amirite Day is nearly upon us. Mark it on your calendar… June 13th. Get ready to annoy the fuck out of everyone you know.

      More like everyone you BLOW. amirite?

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