My namesake is dead.

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Remember when you were young? You shone like the sun...
January 6, 1946 - July 7, 2006

      Long before I was Syd Lexia, I took Syd as a nickname of sorts. It was borrowed from Syd Barrett, who was a founding member of one of my all-time favorite bands, Pink Floyd. Syd was originally the band’s primary songwriter and guitarist, but his tragic descent into LSD-induced madness ultimately led to his dismissal from the band. Although the band would find greater success in the post-Barrett era, the psychedelia of early Floyd is still very cool and very much worth listening to. After his departure from the band, Syd spent most of the last 30+ years of his life with his mother and sister in Cambridge, England. He was a notorious recluse, and he refused to speak of his time in Pink Floyd.

It was reported today that Syd passed away on Friday, due to complications from diabetes. He was 60 years old. Rest in peace, you crazy diamond.

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