Fun With Search Engines #67: Go to Hell and not to Heaven

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      Welcome once again to Fun With Search Engines, the weekly site report where I review some of the keywords that visitors to my site typed into search engines. This FWSE report is for the week of April 30th - May 6th. This is a very special edition of FWSE, because it is dedicated to RegalSin, a somewhat racist and possibly pedophilic member of the forums. He will probably manage to get himself banned from the site before FWSE #68 comes out, so this is his last hurrah.

1. the mystery of scented mountain by carol howie eldridge - This book is pretty obscure, so I kinda wonder if this search was planted. If it’s not, I sure am glad that I bothered to scan in every fucking page of the book and provide a vulgar commentary on it.

2. andrew jackson cartoon - Actually, Andrew Jackson was a real person.

3. but don’t forget there are many guys like you all over the world - Perhaps, but there’s only one And if you didn’t know that, you clearly have no idea how domain names work. And now this: The Quality You Deserve From A Pseudonym That’s Fun To Say!
</cheesy self promotion>

4. kara beth borden nude - I think this search may have been responsible for bringing RegalSin to my forums.

5. peter jennings - That’s a new one and it’s depressing as hell. Peter Jennings was the fucking man.

6. samus aran hentai - Dammit RegalSin, there’s no porn or hentai on my site.

7. kids fucking - RegalSin, will you fucking stop it?

      This concludes Fun With Search Engines #67. Tune in next week when FWSE will almost certainly be more entertaining. In the meantime, why not join the forums and check out some of the monumentally incomprehensible things that RegalSin has posted?


  • Posted by Valdronius on May 12th, 2006 at 10:09 pm  

    Ever the optimist I see. :kirby:

  • Posted by Tebor on May 15th, 2006 at 4:22 am  

    BURN! :mrgreen:

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