Fun With Search Engines #50: Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Blowout

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Happy 50th FWSE!

      And so it seems we’ve reached an exceptionally meaningless milestone here in the news section: the 50th Fun With Search Engines. In case you missed the first 49 editions of it, Fun With Search Engines is a weekly site report where I list some of the phrases that visitors to my site plugged into search engines and comment upon them. This FWSE report is for the week starting January 1st and ending January 7th. As always, these are all real searches. And now, here it is:

1. school of athens terminator - I originally assumed that this search was a plant done by one of my forum members. But upon examining the vast search results, it appears highly likely that this was a legitimate search. It’s still pretty bizarre though.

2. kristin cavalleri nude and naked - Nude AND naked? That’s just plain greedy. I think either one or the other would be fine.

3. neopets faeries naked - I mentioned Neopets in FWSE #49 in order to comment on its inherent gayness and THIS is what I get in return. Fantastic.

4. blob porn - You know what? Fine. Here:

100% Real Blob Pr0n.

5. salute my shorts - YOUR shorts, dumbass. It’s Salute Your Shorts. Despite your pitiful lack of pop culture knowledge, Donkeylips still needs your help.

6. how to put dragonballl movies onto myspace - Hi Satan, what’s up? I always suspected that you created the internet but I never imagined that you used it too. I refuse to help you display Dragon Ball movies on your MySpace, but if there is any way that I can serve you through *my* website, drop me an e-mail. Also, tell Anton I said hi. HAIL LUCIFER!

7. kara beth borden nude pics - Why the fuck do I still get searches for this? The news story is effectively dead until David Ludwig’s trial starts. Oh well, at least it’s not a hentai search.

      This concludes a very porntastic edition of Fun With Search Engines. Tune in next week, when I just might dig a little deeper into my site logs and find some slightly more interesting searches.

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