It’s still Christmas if you want it to be…

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      Well Christmas came and went faster than (insert a premature ejaculation joke about someone here). It happened so fast that I was unable to get my second Christmas article up before the big day. But uh, it’s done now. So if you’d like to read about The Animals’ Christmas Eve, now you can.

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  • Posted by Tebor on December 31st, 2005 at 4:36 am  

    Ah, another article/transcript of a bad children’s book. I’m growing quite fond of these types of posts. I’m sure someone out there will try to destroy the amusement I get from books I never bought, but The Man will never get me down (the movie that is).

    Very funny article. Not to mention the free religious lesson we all received from it.

    But, as pedestrian as the AABB rhyme scheme is, this is still a book for children and they need to be exposed to it eventually. Kinda like TekWar or the bastard Zelda games.

    Personally, I feel ripped off that the animals are not actually celebrating! What a crock! They started out telling a story to some stupid chicks (the barnyard animal, not the other one), but then the subplot of the chicks is never resolved. Not to mention that the story is the weakest thread ever to bond together a barn full of animals! I wish there was a wolf in this story, so we could see that Christmas is a time for peace (except for certain countries… ;) and seeing a wolf not eating everything in sight would be a great lesson for the kiddies.

    I feel like defending Little Golden Books, because I still have many in the basement… but, I’ll leave that fight for another day.

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