Fun With Search Engines #44: XLIV

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      And now it’s time once again for Fun With Search Engines, the weekly report where I make fun of or otherwise comment upon various keywords that visitors to my site typed into search engines. This particular report is for the week starting November 20th and ending November 26th. As always, these are all real searches.

1. monster party nes - Should not be confused with Apogee’s Monster Bash starring Johnny Dash. The sad part is that Monster Bash came out in 1993 and didn’t look noticeably better than Monster Party. Oh shareware, how you sucked.

2. mortal kombat names of the fighting girls - As opposed to what, non-fighting girls? That sounds like it should be a category at Spike TV’s lameass video game awards.

And the nominees for Best Female Character In A Non-Fighting Role are…

3. nancy everhard - Dear god… IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!

4. a picture of the ramones that i can copy a code and paste it onto myspace - Oh my, where to begin…

1. Learn how to use Google Image Search
2. Learn how to use basic fucking HTML tags
3. The Ramones kick ass.

5. who was the only person to be at all the first 20 wrestlemanias? - If I had to guess, I’d say it was Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

6. kara borden naked - Call up the Lancaster County courthouse, I’m sure they’ll hook you up. Or arrest you, you sick fucking douchebag.

7. jill valentine hentai - You know, when I first found out that Jill Valentine wasn’t in RE4, I was pissed. Then I actually played the game, and I didn’t care anymore.
That’s all, folks.

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