Remember Kirby?

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Advanced copies of early reports suggest that Part 22 of the NES Drinking Saga may be up on the Comics page. As both webmaster of and author of the webcomic in question, I can neither confirm or deny this information.

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  • Posted by Tebor on October 22nd, 2005 at 8:03 pm  

    While I have never seen a full episode of DBZ, which is too painful to watch, Matrix: Revolutions was fucking awesome. I don’t know who got pissed off with the end fight, but Superman V will NEVER live up to it. Mark my words… oh yeah, and Bryan Singer has never made a good movie except for The Usual Suspects. That’s right, X2 is only good because X-Men was so bad. If you forget X-Men exists, X2 is fucking terrible. Apt Pupil? Stephen King’s best it ain’t… but slightly better than the novella which had a terrible ending and rape scene…

    Anyway, Leo vs. Kirby? I think the standard Metroid fight would do.

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