Setbacks and apologies

Filed under: Stuff — Syd Lexia @ 7:44 pm

      Sorry for the lack of new content on the main page, I’m working on two articles right now and if all goes well then one will be up tomorrow and the other one will be up Saturday. Unfortunately, my progress has been slowed by problems with my network adapter. Earlier this week, my adapter decided to stop connecting to connecting to the wireless network that I’m actually paying for and started connecting to one of my neighbor’s wireless networks instead. So while I have internet access, it is unnecessarily slow and that slows down the entire process. Uploading images for articles and saving my drafts sometimes takes minutes instead of seconds and when that happens I start to lose my focus and desire to write.

      But as I said, I’m toughing it out and I’ll have something for you sometime tomorrow. Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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