A Dark Day In Internet History

Filed under: Stuff — Syd Lexia @ 10:47 pm

      Long before I finally got off my ass and founded, there was a site called that provided web surfers with hilarious pop culture content. I would hope that it comes as no surprise when I say that his NES articles were one of my primary sources of inspiration to finally put together a site and share my take on various things. Back when it was updated regularly, Seanbaby’s site was one of the best around. Unfortunately for us, Seanbaby has moved on to other projects such as writing for EGM and appearing on G4TV. If by some sad chance you’ve only seen Seanbaby on the video game channel, you have seen a boring and largely unfunny PG-13 version of a guy who has written some of the best video game commentary ever. The classic content is all still up, but the lack of updates has really hurt his site. And today, for the first time in history, has overtaken in the Alexa site rankings:

      Come back, Seanbaby. Come back.