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Alpha Testers Wanted! (Knyte's 1st RPG)

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PostPosted: Jun 28 2010 11:23 am Reply with quote Back to top

One the programming issues I was fighting with was trying to get the characters to "swing" thier weapons via Final Fantasy, but it has proven to be difficult.

When I first started writing and scripting T:LoK using the RPVX engine, combat looked like this:


It was more Phantasy Star style, where you didn't even see your characters. You just saw generic effects when you attacked and used spells. I did some hunting and code modifying from other peoples projects and scripts and got a working side battle system in place. But, fine tuning will take some time. Sprites will have to made for each and evey weapon, frame by frame, for the attack animations, and that will take some time. And, every usable weapon will have to have its own script for combat.
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PostPosted: Jul 04 2010 10:23 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Make sure to update here when significant updates are made (i'll definitely give it a whirl) At first i thought maybe allowing us to disable features like random encounters might be a good thing.. but perhaps only allow it after a person has complete the primary story task in that area. I want people to experience the game as you plan to have it so you get the most accurate responses.

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