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The mystery of the 'Dead Giant Spider' has been SOLVED!

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AJ Fox
Title: HylianFox
Joined: Jun 26 2009
Location: Calatia
PostPosted: Jul 03 2022 10:01 pm Reply with quote Back to top

As a long-time reader of the site and fan of Syd's game reviews, one that has stuck with me is good old 'Monster Party', a bizarre game developed by Shinsei and published by Bandai.

Now, I actually own this game and was pleased that someone out there had given it the treatment it deserved.

One thing about the game that was so odd that even the rest pales in comparison is the so-called "Giant Spider" that clearly is not an arachnid in any fashion.

Even Syd called bullshit on this one, and devoted an entire subpage on dissecting it:

So I was perusing The Cutting Room Floor (another of my all-time favorite websites) today and decided to check their Monster Party article again, to find that it was updated!

Dead things tell no tales no matter what language it's in. Torigaran[1] speaks in an amusingly polite, formal manner.

Torigaran? What the fuck is Torigaran?
I just had to check out the cited link.

"Plays dead when humans lay eyes on it!!"
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Holy shit! That 'Dead Giant Spider' boss was actually an obscure reference to some Japanese horror/gag toy ALL ALONG!? A reference that took 30 years to discover. The toy in question is part of a series that was (shock) also made by Bandai. Apparently someone at the company loved it so much they just had to put it into their upcoming NES game.

Needless to say, upon stumbling across this amazing revelation there was no way I couldn't share it with you guys.
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Title: All right, that's cool!
Joined: Jan 11 2010
Location: Accounting Dept.
PostPosted: Jul 04 2022 09:39 am Reply with quote Back to top

Nice find! Weird!! Japan!!!
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Title: CeeBee
Joined: Feb 25 2007
Location: Tulsa
PostPosted: Jul 26 2022 11:32 pm Reply with quote Back to top

Cool find indeed! I never played Monster Party, "SORRY, I'M DEAD." has been forever burned into my memory.
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Syd Lexia
Site Admin
Title: Pop Culture Junkie
Joined: Jul 30 2005
Location: Wakefield, MA
PostPosted: Aug 01 2022 08:58 pm Reply with quote Back to top

This is very neat.
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